INTERVIEW: Eli Young Band Reflect on New Album 'Fingerprints'

June 27, 2017

© Larry McCormack

Fresh off the release of their fifth studio album, Fingerprints, the Eli Young Band has returned to their country roots. Mike Eli, James Young, Jon Jones, and Chris Thompson have been together as a band for seventeen years.

The guys started their career as four friends who met in college and ever since, they’ve made a pretty powerful impact on the country music scene. For the Eli Young Band, they couldn't help but bring their real life experiences to the table. "We've been involved with so many different people that helped shape our careers and our path. They really left their fingerprints on us,” Jones said.

With three years separating fans from their 2014 release of 10,000 Towns, the country group was overjoyed to announce their new record in 2017. The Eli Young Band first introduced fans to the album by dropping the first single, “Saltwater Gospel,” last year. The feel-good song will keep your spirits high at all times. 

"I feel like the fans who've been with us a long time feel as if this is the record that they have been waiting for. It feels like we kind of returned to home-- which is what the idea was for this record." Jones said. “Once you try new things it helps you remember what brought you here in the first place. We wanted to go in the studio and have fun and not over think it." 

Luckily, the band members continue to look at each other as if they just met and their personalities are exactly the same. They hope to take this new record to the next level by playing as many of the new tracks as possible at their live shows this year. The Eli Young Band hope to continue on this path when creating new music and don’t want to wait as long to release another project.

"I hope it makes everybody feel something. I hope the fans can find a song to identify with and find themselves somewhere in the record," Jones said.

Watch the music video for the Eli Young Band's next single, "Never Land," below.