LISTEN: Walker Hayes Releases New Track, 'Halloween'

October 6, 2017

Photo credit: David McClister

Walker Hayes has released a second track from his forthcoming album, boom., due out December 8. "Halloween" was co-written by the country singer and features songwriter Nicolle Galyon.

“‘Halloween’ came to me as I was getting out of the shower one day and I saw one of those jack-o-lantern buckets that one of my kids had used to trick-or-treat. I have always wanted to write a love song for my wife that spoke to how comfortable our bond is. I met Laney as a kid and I didn’t know a lot about love or forever, but I knew I could be exactly who I was around her,” shares Hayes. 

Hayes came up with the concept for the video himself which illustrates the tone of the love song. It takes place in a group therapy session figuratively showing the costumes one must wear to feel comfortable enough to be who they are.

"I still put on my Superman cape and hide in it / but when I’m with you it comes untied for a minute.."