WATCH: Jillian Jacqueline Debuts Joyful "Somebody" Music Video

February 15, 2018

© Larry McCormack

After watching Jillian Jacqueline's brand new music video, you're going to want to grab "Somebody" and take a trip to New York City. The country star's new song was released as part of a Valentine's Day inspired playlist.

According to Rolling Stone, prior to the unveiling of the music video, the track had yet to be released. It is an "uplifting love song" that follows her most recent Side A EP featuring "Reasons, "Hate Me," and more.

"Thought it would be a really good idea to get back to my old stomping grounds ([heart> NY) stay in a ridiculous hotel room & run around and film what here's the video for "Somebody," Jacqueline posted to Twitter.

Watch Jillian Jacqueline's "Somebody" music video below!