The Dirty Lowdown Texter/Driver

Don't be that "guy"...

July 27, 2016

It never fails.  The lady who doesn't notice that the light is green, or the guy weaving all over the road.  You KNOW they're texting! surveyed a thousand drivers and compiled this list of the WORST DRIVERS according to the answers they received:


The Texter: 22 percent

The Tailgater: 14 percent

The Last-Minute Line-Cutter: 13 percent

The Left-Lane Hog: 11 percent

The Crawler: 8 percent

The Multitasker: 8 percent

The Swerver: 8 percent

The Speeder: 5 percent

The Drifter: 5 percent

The Honker: 3 percent

The Inconsiderate: 2 percent  


Alarmingly, 9 percent of respondents reported having gotten into a physical altercation with another driver!  Don't do that.  Call the cops....after you've safely pulled to the side!

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