Gladys Night

Our fascinating new family member

August 3, 2016

She's not so "itsy bitsy".  She appears to be eating very well, in fact.  In the morning when we go to work, she and her web are gone.  My girlfriend wonders aloud where she goes...then worries that the spider might be on her right now and starts jumping up and down and brushing her shoulders with her hands.  She resides somewhere near our front door.  In the porch light, or behind the mailbox is my guess.  She might not even be a she.  I'm not too keen to get close enough to examine her spidey parts, but we named it...her...Gladys. Each evening, before we go to bed, we go outside and watch her capture another fly or whatever those things are that she wraps up in silk for later.  Does she have a family somewhere?  Is she about to lay eggs or give birth or whatever spiders do?  How old is she and how long will she live?  I have to google that stuff.  Spiders are freaky and weird and having them around unnerves me a bit.  But they're cool too.