Sometimes, ya gotta blog.

A little about me.

June 3, 2016
Jaxon looking fly

I'll be honest here.  I'm not a blogger.  I don't feel that I have so much to say that will alter the course of society that I just can't get it out during the five hours I'm on the air each weekday and I have to go to facebook and The Wolf's website just to vent!  But we live in the age of social media, and this is something that's expected of us. 

I've been in Kansas City since 1992.  I moved here from Omaha, NE on Halloween night of that year. I'd moved around quite a bit before finding a home here. Now, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.  My dad was in radio while I was growing up, so I spent a lot of time hanging out at radio stations he worked at.  I'd play like I was a real DJ in the station's production studios until one day, after he had to fire the afternoon guy at the station he managed, he asked me if I was ready.  Hell yeah!  I've worked in Central Florida, Toledo, Detroit, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Omaha, and here.  I've spent 24 years on the air in Kansas City, and I'm in love with this city.

Columbus Park is the neighborhood I call home, along with my girlfriend of six years, our eleven year old Shih Tzu, Braxton, and a stupid cat.  Just kidding...I love that cat.  Her name is Hood Rat.  I found her under the hood of a car when I lived in Westport.  She was maybe 4 months old and a little feral.  I'd guess she's pushing 12 years old now.  Still a pain in my butt, but sweet.  Columbus Park is a neighborhood on the north side of downtown KC.  About a mile east of the City Market.  It's a colorful neighborhood with lots of characters.  I'm watching my across the street neighbor mow the sidewalk in front of his house right now.  He's having a very loud conversation with his lawn mower.  I'm trying not to eavesdrop. Seems personal.

How about those Royals!  I have to be honest here.  When I moved to KC in '92, people were still all fired up about the '85 World Series. But as much as I tried to watch, the team just wasn't World Series material at this point.  I jumped on the bandwagon in '14 and I'm hooked now.  I'm sure that, years down the road, it'll be difficult for newcomers to understand my affection for this team.  I'll be bragging about '14 when we almost made it, '15 when we won it all, and hopefully '16 when we did it again!  You just have to be there.

I love music.  It doesn't matter what category the music "fits" into, it only matters if it makes me feel something.  While I listen to many genres of music, Country music has a way of connecting that most others don't.  That's why I've made a career of playing Country music. There's something...genuine....about it that isn't there in other genres.  Today it's "cool" to talk trash about modern Country music, but through out the years, there have always been polished, commercial songs that didn't stand the test of time.  But there are still some great songs on the radio that will.  "Ain't it funny how a melody can bring back a memory?  Takes you to another place and time, completely change your state of mind."  Clint Black said it best.  Whatever is going on in your life right now, there's a song that will bring that memory back, clear as day, 20 or 30 years from now.  That's the power of music.  That's why I do this.

Well, the neighbor is finished arguing with his lawn mower and I need to get in the shower and head to work.  Feel free to follow me on my facebook page and call me anytime to chat (you know, like the old fashioned people do)  I'm on the air weekday afternoons on The Wolf and the studio line is (816 or 913 either works) 576-7000.  See you on the radio!