Stormy Night, Sleepy Morning

My dog don't do storms...

May 26, 2016
Braxton waking me up

My night:

Well, my girlfriend is visiting family in Atlanta this week and it's just me and Braxton.  Well....and the cat.  Braxton's my buddy, but he was confused about where "Mommy" was and was a little restless when we went to bed.  After a few minutes, he finally found a comfortable spot and went to sleep.  About an hour later....BOOM!  Thunder and lightning are not Braxton's friends.  I had a panting, shaking Shih Tzu in my face.  So I took him downstairs for a treat (I had one too...pudding), played with him for a bit, then took him back to bed.  As soon as he got on the bed, he peed!  That's not his style, so he must have been pretty freaked out.  I got up, stripped the bed, loaded the washer and threw some blankets on the mattress for us to sleep on.  Two AM, another storm, another panic attack.  Got up, comforted him until the lightning stopped, back to sleep.  Four AM....BOOM!  Eight AM....BOOM!  Ten AM.........


So, anyway, I'm a little sleepy today.