Why Can't We Be Friends

These two....

August 30, 2016

I've had the cat, "Hood Rat" for about 11 years.  I found her under the hood of a car when she was a kitten.  I've had the dog, "Braxton" for the last four years.  He's about the same age as the cat though.  I would have thought that four years would be enough for them to become friends, but no.  I mean, they don't fight, they just don't really like each other.  I think it's Braxton's issue.  The cat just doesn't seem to care.  But if the she is close to me, Braxton will make all kinds of pathetic noises and bark until I make other arrangements.  If the cat is playing with something, the dog feels it's his duty to make sure she doesn't have too much fun.  I love 'em both and it's hilarious to watch sometimes, but I wish they'd just cuddle up with each other and enjoy the company.  Life is too short not to have a friend.