First Blog On Our New Site.

May 19, 2016

If you've ventured into this rabbit hole and are interested in what I have to say you may either (A) be very bored at work and or (B) actually want to know more about me and or my responsibilities around the Wolf. I am the program director in addition to the midday guy on the station. The title program director is fairly specific to the media industry, so I've come to like the title brand manager a little more as it takes little less explanation when people ask what I do. I manage the programming department at Wolf which entails overseeing the on-air personnel, music, brand research, community outreach, charity involvement, the creative direction and sound of what comes out of your speakers. 

If you want to know more about me personally. I've been in the radio business since 1998, and have worked for 9 stations and my career has been spread over 5 states. With the majority of my time here in Kansas City. I began working for WDAF in 2009, which was a return home from a lot of time out west for me. I began a relationship with my wife Kristi shortly after starting at the Wolf we tied the knot in 2011 and our daughter Stella was born in 2014. My time at this station has been a blessing in so many ways and if you've read this far that may mean you're a fan of the Wolf and I say thank you! Without country music fans and KC listeners we would probably be playing polka. I live in Ottawa with my family as that is the town I grew up in and from the day I left to pursue my career I always dreamed of being able to come home and do the job I love in KC. So to quote Shotgun, I'm living the dream.

My intention by writing this to do a better job sharing things with you that take a little more than the 20-30 seconds I get to talk on the air. I don't intend to talk politics, or anything too deep. I'll probably share my DIY projects and may even begin some how-to on woodworking projects I do. I'm in the process of building a workshop and once that is done, I'll share more of my other passions; which is restoration work on all kinds of stuff and wood working. For me the fun is in the fixing. Thanks for reading and I'll share more soon! Wes