Feel Whole Challenge

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106.5 The Wolf's Morning Show Host Codie Allen is taking the Feel Whole Challenge! The Feel Whole challenge is a 21 day devotion to every part of you, made for all ages and stages of wellness. During this challenge we'll be focusing on balance, strength, focus, resilience and growth! If you'd like to join Codie in taking the Feel Whole Challenge you can download a calendar HERE, or check out the one below. Keep up with Codie's progress throughout the challenge on the Wolf's Facebook Page! If you decide to take on the Feel Whole Challenge yourself, make sure to add #feelwholechallenge or #feelwhole so people can keep up with your progress along the way too! 


Codie recaps her 21 day challenge and talks about her favorite parts of the challenge, and how she is going to try and keep many of the daily challenges going from here on out. 

Day 21

Day 21, today's challenge is to reflect. Look back on all of the good that has come out of this challenge and everything that you've learned along the way. Go to Advent's day 21 page by clicking HERE to help you reflect on the challenge's you've gone through. Also, remember just because the 21 day challenge is over doesn't mean you should stop doing these challenges on a daily basis. Keep striving to make yourself healthier, mind, body and soul every day. 

Day 20

Today we're all going to be scheduling a proventative care appointment. It's always easy to seek medical care when we're sick, but all of us could benefit from a proventitive care appointment and trying to catch things before they get to the point that we need to visit a doctor again. A primary care provider (PCP) can help safeguard your whole health by monitoring changes in your symptoms, scheduling preventative screenings and offering personalized support for your body, mind and spirit. So today is the day to start being proactive with your health! 

Day 19

Do something that you've always wanted to try! This is always easier when you start with a list of things you have always wanted to do so lets start there! Let's start with something small today that we've never done before and we can move on to something bigger as time goes on. The emotional benefits of trying something new will be benefitially no matter how big your first step outside your comfort zone will be. 

Day 18

Give someone a gift. Show someone that you appreciate them. Give someone you care about a thoughtful gift and see how it benefits them and yourself. Giving someone a gift can be as exciting and rewarding as receiving the gift yourself. Check out some of these great gift idea's for coworkers by clicking HERE.

Day 17

Frame a photo that brings you joy. It could be a photo of someone you care for, a snapshot from a favorite vacation or experience, or just a note or phrase with an inspiring message. A reminder of fun moments, or special memories can act like a little pick-me-up through out your daily routine.

Day 16

Lots of people say that laughter is the best medicine. While laughter isn't really the best medicine, it is definitely good for your health! Having a good laugh can reduce stress, burn calories, and make you happier overall. So take time out to tell a funny joke, remember a funny memory or watch a comedy movie with friends to share these benefits with others. Nikki decided to tell her favorite dad joke on our facebook page. Check it out HERE.

Day 15

Day 15 is all about listening to The Wolf, okay not really, but maybe for some people! Today is all about listening to music to improve your mood. Music has many powerful benefits for our whole health, including improved memory, mood, more enjoyable exercise, reduced pain, less stress and anxiety. So today is the day to try some new music to put you in a better mood or maybe go back to that song that always helps motivate you or maybe something that will calm you on your way to work. Codie decided to listen to her new favorite song 10,000 Hours by Dan + Shay. Keep up with all of Codie's daily challenges by checking out the Wolf's Facebook Page.  


Codie talks about her first full week of the Advent Health Feel Whole Challenge. Continue following along with her challenge on the Wollf's Facebook Page

Day 14

Plant Something. Today we're trying to put our green thumbs to work! Gardening can be a very therapeutic and rewarind experience as you get to see the growth of your plants after investing your time into caring for them. Find a nice spot inside your house for fresh herbs to use when cooking or maybe find a spot outside to add a new plant to bring a new life to your garden. Gardening is also a great way to stay physically active for people of all ages and abilities, so get out there and help make the world a more beautiful place! 

Day 13

Day 13 is all about volunteering. Giving your time can be a very humbling and rewarding experience. The best way to volunteer is to give your time to a cause or organization that you believe in. Volunteer benefits others, but it can also benefit you and your outlook. If you'd like to find a place that you can help and volunteer, check out this list and schedule or when people in our community will be accepting volunteers HERE.

Day 12

Today is the day we're going to analyze our nightly routine. Your nightly routine plays a huge role in how well you're going to sleep on a given night. So let's take some time to develop a plan before bed that will help signal our body that we're ready to relax and sleep for the night. You could continue our day 10 challenge by deciding to read a book before bed, you could do nightly stretches, drink a warm glass of milk or many other things. If you still need help with getting a nightly routine going check out these helpful tips from the National Sleep Foundation by clicking HERE.

Day 11

Be grateful! Today's challenge is to think of someone that you're grateful for and let them know. Showing someone that you're grateful for them and telling them that they make an difference in your life can positively effect both of you. So any way that you're able to tell someone that you appreciate them today. Whether it be in a conversation, a note, a phone call or even a text, let someone know that you appreciate them today.   

Day 10

Today our challenge is to find a new book to read before bed. Find a book that you'll be interested in so that you have something to look forward to throughout the day. Reading a book before bed has been proven to help calm your mind and find balance after a long day. Plus, it's been shown that eliminating screen-time before bed can also help you get to sleep easier. Check out esquire's list of the best books of 2019 so far by clicking HERE.

Day 9

On day 9 we're going to continue staying outside of our confort zone. Today's challenge is to try a new exercise with a friend. Take a class, join a kickball game or find a new exercise that excites you and will get your heart pumping. Exercise may also lead to better quality of sleep, a lower resting heart rate, less stress, and more energy. Exercising with a friend is important because they can help you stay motivated and try new things with a good workout buddy! 

Day 8

Get excited! Today we're trying something new! Today's the day to cook a new healthy meal that you haven't cooked before! Try to find a new ingredient and introduce yourself to some exciting flavors or try to make a whole new dish! You may find a new meal that you never thought you'd enjoy! Codie decided to make Golden Parmesan Sole! Check out the recipe she used by clicking HERE.


Codie talks about her first full week of the Advent Health Feel Whole Challenge. Continue following along with her challenge on the Wollf's Facebook Page


Today we're organizing a space that causes us stress. So if you have a room or area at home or work that is a little disorganized and causing you stress, today is the day to get it cleaned up and organized the way you'd like it! If you're surrounded by chaos in your enviorment you're more likely to feel that way internally as well! So, today take some time out to organize a small area that's been causing you anxiety. Codie decided to take today to work on her office at work. Check out her video by clicking HERE. 

Day 6

Our challenge today is to eat more fresh ingredients. When you're out deciding on what fruits and vegetables to make for yourself later make sure to enjoy a rainbow of colors to insure you're getting all of the nutrients your body needs. To get the most freshly picked fruits and vegetable try your local farmers market. Click HERE to check out some of the farmers markets in the area and when they're open! 

Day 5

Everyone is passionate about something, today's is your day to share it with the world! Or maybe just a close friend. Today's challenge is to show someone else your passion. You could teach a friend how to bake, or bowl, or maybe you just talk with a coworker about something you're passionate about. Talking about the things you love will help lift your spirits, which will in turn spread to the people around you that you're sharing your passions with. 

Day 4

It's day 4 and today we're tasked with focusing on thoughts and prayers. Prayers can be uplifting and they're a meaningful way to express gratitude. You can send thoughts and prayers to someone you love, special people in your life, family members, or friends who are important to you. If you're looking to make prayers a part of your daily routine it's easier when incorporating it into something you're already doing daily.  

Day 3

Today we're challenging ourselves to drink more water, so find your favorite refillable water bottle and let's get started! You would be surprised by some of the many health benefits that drinking more water can provide, like boosting skin health and beauty, regulating your body temperature, and it helps maintain your blood pressure. Get more information on the benefits on drinking enough water every day by clicking HERE. Now to the important part, what is "enough" water. Well the amount of water that you should strive to drink each day depends on your body weight. So, you'll take your weight in pounds and divide that in half to find the number of ounces you should be drinking each day! 

Day 2

Today's challenge is to begin doing something physical daily! Sometimes it feels tough to plan a physical activity for yourself to do daily, but a minimum of 30 minutes per day is recommended by the American Heart Association. Try to schedule a time to do your physical activity like it was a meeting or an appointment. Think about the time that will work best for you and a time that you're most likely to stick to it. For Codie's day 2 challenge she decided to walk around a local lake! If you need ideas on what you can do to get up and be more active each day check out this web page with 22 ways to move more during your day

Day 1

The Feel whole challenge begins today! Day 1 is all about looking over the daily challenges and setting yourself up for success! If you'd like some inspiration and help planning out your day to day challenges you can do so by clicking here and taking the quiz.